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Table of Contents



1. Metal Forming Operations

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The Operation Diagram

1.3 Forging Operations

1.4 Drawing Operations

1.5 Dimensional Analysis

1.6 Extrusion Operations

1.7 Rolling Operations

1.8 The Method of Solution



2. Kinematics of Deformable Bodies--The Velocity Field

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Kinematics of Particles

2.3 The Material Description of Linear Motions

2.4 The Spatial Description

2.5 Motions in Two-Dimensions

2.6 Polar Coordinates

2.7 Steady Motions

2.8 The Streamlines Method of Flow Visualization

2.9 The Distorted Grid Method

2.10 Summary



3. Kinematics of Deformable Bodies--The Strain-Rate Field

3.1 Deformations

3.2 Rate of Axial Strain in Linear Motion

3.3 Axial Strain-Rates in Two-Dimensional Flow

3.4 Shear Strain-Rate in Two-Dimensional Flow

3.5 A Unifying View: The Strain-Rate Field

3.6 Principal Directions and Components

3.7 Flow with Symmetry Around an Axis

3.8 Volume Constancy, Continuity

3.9 The Stream Function



4. Kinetics and Stokes' Principle of Power Expended

4.1 Introduction

4.2 External Forces

4.3 Net Power Input

4.4 The Stress Power

4.5 Shear Surfaces

4.6 Rate of Change of Kinetic Energy

4.7 The Balance-of-Power Approach

4.8 Observed Facts in Open-Die Piercing

4.9 Kinematic Assumptions and the Velocity Field

4.10 Verification Procedure

4.11 Kinetic Assumptions and the Required Pressure

4.12 Summary and Critical Evaluation



5. Plastic Flow of Mises Materials

5.1 Introduction

5.2 The Tension Test

5.3 The Compression Test

5.4 Mises Materials

5.5 The Upper-Bound Theorem of Mises Materials

5.6 Some Elements of the Calculus of Variations

5.7 Markov's Minimum Principle

5.8 Rigid-Perfectly Plastic Behaviour



6. Accounting for Work-Hardening

6.1 Work-Hardening Materials

6.2 The Effective Strain

6.3 The Tension Test with Work-Hardening Materials

6.4 The Flow-Stress Curve

6.5 Effective Strain in Homogeneous Deformation

6.6 Work-Hardening in Bulk-Deformation Processes

6.7 Effective Strain in Steady Flow

6.8 Work-Hardening in Steady Flow-Through Processes

6.9 Non-Steady Forming Processes

6.10 Concluding Remarks



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