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Research and Development

Metalforming Incorporated is an inovative organization that claims to its credit the development of several unique processes and pieces of equipment for the metalforming community. All of these developments initiated with basic theoretical and mathematical analysis of the fundemental concepts that led to implementation with Industrial uses. Following are listed examples :

  • Lube Evaluation draw bench that is based on the mathematical relations between the optimal die angle and the quantitative value of friction. The mathematical expressions are widely used by Industry and reseach to determine friction values. Metalforming designed and constructed Lube Evaluation draw benchs. This equipment is used by Metalforming Inc. to serve industrial customers. Recently a customer purchased the equipment.
  • Developement of the Hydraw process for the fabrication of fine wire that is based on elimination of wire breaks due to film instability during hydrodynamic lubrication. The Hydraw project started as a Theoretical Analysis of the causes of wire breaks that are limiting the size of drawn wire to remain above about 1mil (0.001").

Presently the 'Hydraw' process, developed as an SBIR NSF project, is ready for implementation, looking for an Industrial partnership.

  • Ironing with unlimited reduction made possible through the upper bound analysis analysis of differential friction.
  • Software packeges with tutorials and Engineering solutions are presently marketed by a subsidiary named 'Eduktron.' See page on Tutorials and Engineering Packages. At the same time Metalforming is espiring to enter into a joint venture to upgrade the existing material, to add more topics, and to implement the packages on more recent delivery systems.
  • Software for an 'Upper Bound Element Treatment' (UBET) of forging and extrusion is available for further upgrading. Metalforming Inc. is eager to find a suitable partner to embark upon upgrading the software for the treatment and marketing of this package for Axisymmetric forging and extrusion.

The facilities of Metalforming Inc. to Provide Research and Development include:

  • First class expertise.
  • Scaled down Laboratory Equipment, and Plastecine Modeling Laboratory.
  • A large inventory of Analytical Solutions and 'Tutorials and Engineering Software.'

Metalforming is offering its service on consulting basis, as joint venture, or in providing packaged results.


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Monday April 26 2010

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