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The following seminars (Short Courses, Workshops) are offered periodically by Metalforming Inc., on the East and West Coast. Some are provided "in-house" at the client's facility. Typical examples and updates of the agendas for these seminars are presented in the individual web pages. Details of location and dates will be posted periodically in the Web page entitled What's New. We are open to requests for other related topics for future Seminars.

For a list of current and upcoming seminars click here.

The personal presentation will be supported by slides and overhead projection, synchronized tape and slide projection, videos, and computerized slide projection. User friendly software packages, as listed in the page on Tutorials will be demonstrated and hands-on sessions to practice their use will be provided.

An abstract of previous seminars include:

  • Wire Drawing
  • Deep Drawing
  • Ironing
  • Tube Making
  • Can Making
  • Bi-Metal Drawing and Extrusion
  • Modeling for the Friction Phenomena
  • Hydrodynamic Lubrication During Wire drawing, Strip Rolling, and Hydrostatic Extrusion
  • Strip Rolling
  • Impact Extrusion
  • Lube Evaluation
  • and many more


Additional topics can be tailored for specific requests. If you are interested in more details about any of the topics listed, or others, please contact us, and we will alert you by direct mail on coming events. Please contact us also if you want to explore the option of an "In-House" Workshop. Our address is provided at the top of the home page.

Support material for the seminars and for "canned" presentations:

Taped lectures for automated slide projector lectures include:

  • Hydrostatic Extrusion
  • Conventional Extrusion
  • Hydrodynamic Lubrication in Thin Strip Rolling
  • Deep Drawing
  • Ironing
  • Bi-Metal Drawing and Extrusion
  • Friction and Friction Modeling
  • Basic Concepts of the Application of the Upper Bound Approach to Metal Forming
  • Disc Forging
  • Wire Drawing
  • Hydrodynamic Lubrication in Wire Drawing
  • Impact Extrusion
  • Replacing Brute Force
  • Pressure Induced Ductility (PID) and Metalworking Under Pressure (MUP)

Computer Generated Slide Presentations:

Videos of Specific Topics :

  • Aquadraw
  • Hydrostatic Extrusion*
  • Impact Extrusion*
  • Forging Models (Made by Prof. Shaw)
  • Metal Flow Through Conical Converging Dies*
  • Extrusion of Steel (Made by Babcock and Wilcox)
  • Large Strain Measurement (Made by the University of Leeds)
  • Friction (Made by McGraw Publishing)
  • Extrusion-the Sejournet Process of Glass Lubrication
  • Wonder World of Plastic Working (Made by Prof. Kudo for the JSTP)
  • Extrolling*
  • Ironing of Beer Cans*
  • Eddy Flow and Hydro Dynamic Lubrication*
  • Condie*
  • The Loewy Big Press*

* Made by Metalforming Inc.

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