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 Strip Rolling Software

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User-Friendly Software Package for Strip Rolling Analysis


The process of strip rolling is analyzed by the upper bound technique and presented through a software package. The effect of the input parameters, such as reduction, relative strip thickness, friction, and front and back tension, on the process dependent parameters, such as torque, roll pressure, forward slip, etc., is presented quantitatively by explicit expressions. These expressions are treated by a user-friendly software package that presents the results in tabular and graphical forms. Also studied are the effects of process input parameters on maximum possible reduction, alligatoring, and the development of internal cracking (central burst).

Three different flow patterns are treated, one continuous deformation field and two multi-triangular fields. The multi-triangular velocity field divides the deformation region into a number of rigid triangles, separated by surfaces of velocity discontinuity. The rigid triangles move either as rigid bodies in linear motion, or in a more universal rotational motion. The rigid body linear motion is just a special case of the rotational motion. However, the linear motion is easier to treat and faster to execute. When these solutions are compared they are found to agree with each other, support one another and lend confidence in their reliability. Because the solutions are presented in an explicit form they are simple to implement on an IBM PC, and their execution is fast.

This paper focuses on the implementation of the results of the analysis in a PC software package for process design. The effects of each of the major input parameters on performance provides the tools for the selection of optimal operation. For example, the determination of the range of processing parameters that lead to the defect of alligatoring, provide a tool to prevent this failure.

Another example is the determination of the "Minimum required friction" to prevent skidding, where the strip stalls and the rolls skid over it. Here the analysis, when executed by the software package, provides the characteristics of the forward slip as a function of friction. As friction reduces, so does the forward slip, and the position of the neutral point gets closer to the exit. The value of friction at which forward slip diminishes, the neutral point approaches the exit, and skidding commences, is the "minimum required friction".


Key Words: Strip Rolling, Upper Bound Approach, PC Software Package


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