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Numerous analytical expressions to specific Metalforming processes has been derived through the years. These solutions, expressing quantitatively the dependence of the process dependent parameters on the input parameters, are presented in the numerous papers listed in the Publications page. They are also presented in the four books listed and in internal manuscripts.

Many of these solutions are presented in tutorials and have been programmed to display the results graphically and in tabular form.

These DOS-compatible, interactive user friendly packages of color-display tutorial and engineering solutions, for the processes listed below, are presented in the relevant Seminars, and are available on diskettes:

  • Flow Through Conical Converging Dies (Wire Drawing and Extrusion)
  • Bi-Metal Drawing and Extrusion
  • Tube Sinking and tube Drawing, with mandrel and with Floating Plugs
  • Deep Drawing (of Cans)
  • Ironing of Cans
  • Strip Rolling
  • Hydrostatic Extrusion
  • Disc Forging
  • Hydrodynamic Lubrication in Wire drawing and in Hydrostatic Extrusion
  • Hydrodynamic Lubrication in Strip Rolling
  • Friction Wave Model by Leslie's Ridge

Other Lectures are available as taped lectures with automated slide projector presentations and several are prepared as computer generated slide presentations. These are listed and described in more detail in the page on Seminars and Workshops.

Description of the Software Packages:

The Tutorial segment contains a coverage of the theoretical treatment of the topic, based mainly on the text of the appropriate chapter in the textbook, Metalforming Handbook.

The Engineering segment treats the subject, and after the user provides the input data into the input screen he can calculate the results and ask to present them in tabular or graphical forms, on the screen or in print. An output file can be named and saved.

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Bimetal tutorial sample pages

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